Renee Ross – Renee Takes K-COCK

Hot curvy ladiesRenee Takes K-COCK

“Hello pretty lady. Who are you? I am the late night jock,” the K-JUGS DJ asks Renee Ross, the new kid at radio station K-JUGS. She’s picking up a folder Bailey dropped on the floor by the reception desk. “I’m Renee,” our attractive delight answers. “I was a DJ back home and i wish to make it here. They call you The Late Night Girls Man, right? I’ve seen your billboards.” They shake. “What are you doing after this?” he asks. “Nothing. Going back to my place.” “Why don’t you come with me to the studio? I will show you how I work it at K-JUGS.” Renee cannot refuse. “Oh…wow! Which sounds nice. I’m a little frazzled. How sweet of you.” “Stick to me, Renee. I very like making new employees…feel like they’ve cum in the right place.”

The Late Night Ladies Man needs a late night female. Renee is simply what he needs. “Here, Renee. Sit inside the chair. Relax. Loosen your body. This is where I make my DJ magic.” He turns a knob and music plays. He massages her neck. She sighs and ahhs, losing her anxiety. “And this is where you’ll make your magic, Renee. Reach out and touch all of those listeners you’ll develop soon. Speaking of developing, Renee, you are extremely, very well developed yourself….” “Thank you,” Renee replies. “I developed real early. They are 40H cups currently but sometimes I surprise if they are yet growing.” She runs her hands lightly over her chest. “Do you like them?” Renee is a sucker for a smooth talker. “Lick ’em? I mean, like ’em? I love ’em,” he replies.

“Would you like to touch them?” offers Renee. She lowers her top to expose her big breasts and sits on his lap. She takes his hands again and puts them over her juggs. He plays together with her tits, pulling on the nipples and massaging her breast everywhere. “Don’t you have to go on the air?” she asks. “Not for an additional hour. We run a syndicated feed until 8:30.” “Then fuck me good, Late Night Girls Man.” He begins sucking on her melons while she’s on his lap. Renee takes off her clothes whereas The Late Night Girls Man admires her body, feeling her all over. She gives him head as he stands, then she stands up. He goes behind her and begins fucking her from behind whereas she’s bent over the control desk. “Just assume of all which attractive power at your fingertips once you’re talking to all those mans at home,” he says. “That idea turns you on, will not it?”

“Oh, it does. It makes me wet to assume of it….” He takes Renee by the hand over to the bed. She lies on her back. He licks her cunt and clitoris, then straddles her therefore he can fuck her breast. She licks and sucks his cock-tip after he extends it to her mouth. He sits on the bed with Renee in doggie next to him so she can throat his rigid meat. Renee lays back on the couch so he can fuck her. While they fuck, she brings her melons up to her mouth thus she does be able to lick and suck her nipples. They switch to a grinding cowgirl, then doggie, then a reverse cowgirl. He should pile-drive her. She’s a strongly-built lady and she can be able to take it deep in piledriver. Renee gets on her knees to deep-throat him and tit-fuck him. “Wow, you truly are the Late Night Women Man,” gushes Renee as he gushes cumshot. “I’m extremely gonna like working with you!” The Late Night Babes Man scores again. “I suppose this is the beginning of a couple of beautiful speak radio together,” says the DJ.

“Let’s take a short station break….”

Renee Takes K-COCK

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Khloe Lust – Video Virgin

Hot plumper girlsVideo Virgin

Khloe Lust is a newbie at XLGirls. She is a horny-looking Florida ginger and a girl-next-door type with 40D’s (extra like double-D’s) who sports a Latin inscription on her left shoulder which reads “Semper ad Meliora” or “Always towards higher things.”

And one among those better things is her looking hot modeling. She’s thus far made 2 movies and 2 pictorials.

This is Khloe’s Initial time having sex on-camera. It is a movie virginity party and you are invited to witness her cherry copped by a pro-cock and a regular at XLGirls.

Khloe says she’s nervous as she chats in the dressing room right before they head to couch. She laughs and giggles lots. She is very charming. But no worries. Khloe is in excellent hands and her fuck partner does keep his horn high and hard for her as she sucks it, sticks it between her huge jugs and takes off her panties and opens her legs for her filling.

They say a babe never forgets her 1st time. And her First time with a fuck-stud in front of a cam? Khloe is getting the royal treatment. And she is giving it back with gyrating hips and sucking lips. If Khloe ever decides to do another guy-girl video, we are as close to her as her telephone. Or is this a lark, a one-time fling, a once-in-a-lifetime thing, her solely schwing?

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Video Virgin

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Samantha – Live On-Air Sex with Jade Parker at Radio K-JUGS

Hot bbw girlsLive On-Air Sex with Jade Parker at Radio K-JUGS

Samantha, top DJ at radio station K-JUGS, contains a special guest in her studio. Take it away, Samantha.

“And now you horny boys, get your cocks greased up as a result of my next sexy guest is gonna make you rub out a load or 2. Meet Jade Parker. She’s here to push her latest book, Enormous Chicks Rule In Couch.”

Jade is a horny, pretty red-haired with plenty of oomph who joyfully treasures her massive breasts.

“My book Huge Women Rule In Bed tells big women to stand tall, stick their chests out and go for as much sex as they will get. I likewise teach this in my seminar. I am wrapping up my tour of six cities which lets huge babes apprehend which they are the best at sex. No slim wannabe fashionistas does touch a large woman after it comes to dick worship. It’s time the whole universe understood this.”

To demonstrate her skills and powers, Jade targets the maintenance man Carlos. Samantha says to him, “I would like you to satisfy Jade Parker. You’re going to help her prove her theories.” While Jade goes down on him, Samantha provides her listeners with the blow-by-blows.

“This is why K-JUGS is the best radio station during this city,” Samantha tells her audience. “Jade Parker, author of Big Ladies Rule In Bed, is blowing the sap out of our tool man. Eaten his balls and tonguing which swollen shaft. She’ll be tit-fucking the cum out of his swollen shaft!”

And that is why K-JUGS is the number-one radio station in North America!

Live On-Air Sex with Jade Parker at Radio K-JUGS

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Nixie Night – The Workplace Hottie

Hot fat womenThe Office Hottie

The new workplace intern is none various than pretty Nixie Night and calling Nixie the workplace hottie is the understatement of the year. She’s the biggest-boobed and the sexiest trying chick during this office.

Nixie is truly nervous her 1st week and keeps dropping the file folders she’s assigned to deliver to the boss. After she gets to his office, she drops them again. The boss gets a nice view of her boobies once she gets on her knees to pick them up.

The boss sees how anxious Nixie is and can tell that she desires to make a perfect impression. She’s already done which by wearing a scooped-top, a mini-skirt and very high heels. He holds her hand to reassure her and places it in his thigh, moving it up so she does feel his trouser-horn.

The boss sees great potential in Nixie and talks to her about her chances of a full-time employment. She will wish that employment. Full-time. Every day. Thus he can see her and be by his side. And under him. And on top. And every which way.

He undoes his fly so Nixie will take his prick in her hand and bring it to her mouth. It’s the initial step in Nixie learning how to succeed within the hard universe of business. That’s why the boss keeps a couch in his workplace as a training tool.

The Office Hottie

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Bailey Santanna – Bailey Fucks A Rock Star

Hot plumper womenBailey Fucks A Rock Star

Bailey Santanna is the rockin’ receptionist at radio station K-JUGS in this pictorial from K-JUGS The Movie, now playing at for the primary time. At this station, all the babes employees have enormous chest. We’re not saying which giant jugs and big cans are the only reasons K-JUGS is the #1 radio station in Miami but those inches add up. Samantha 38G is the top DJ at K-JUGS and Renee Ross is the new intern. Immediately, jealousy is brewing between these 2.

Once a visiting rocker shows up at the station, Bailey creams her jeans and gets all flushed with hard nipples and hard clit. She’s ripe to be dicked. The rocker knows all the signs of gal submission and moves in for the fuck, nailing Bailey right there on her desk within the middle of the day. Bailey drains his nuts on her lunch hour. She got fucked and K-JUGS paid for it! No marvel this is the #1 radio station. Stay tuned for the next episode!

Bailey Fucks A Rock Star

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